almond biscotti and hot chocolate


Sundays are synonymous with relaxation and comfort. The perfect day to enjoy brunch with your girlfriends, go to the Farmers Market, go for a bike ride or hike, catch a matinée, or simply have breakfast in bed with your favorite newspaper or magazine. Simple moments that allow us to breathe, clear our heads, and recharge.
Unless I’m going out or expecting guests over, Sunday meals are quite simple and begin with le petit déjeuner. Consisting classically of tartines, croissants, or other pâtisseries accompanied by a warm beverage, this type of quick and simple breakfast is my most favorite. Having made almond biscotti the day before, all I was missing was some hot chocolate and a travel magazine.


Almond Biscotti
Despite growing up in Europe, I’ve never really liked biscotti. Usually rock hard and way too dry for my taste, it’s something that I never intended on or thought about baking at home. After all, how much better than what I’d tasted could it get? A few weeks ago, I was going through some of my cookbooks, and I came across a recipe for almond biscotti by Dorie Greenspan that just sounded so delicious and different, I had to mark it as something to try. Oh, how I’m glad I did. I could eat this all day, every day.
I’m a huge almond lover, probably because of my mom. Growing up, there were always almonds around the house. Whether in salads, rice, desserts or simply as snacks, my mother was always adding them to her dishes. As a kid, I didn’t always get it; I kind of thought nuts or fruit in salads was weird. Little did I know, my mom was just ahead of her time and that years later those same ideas would be changing American cuisine.


Almond Biscotti


There are very few ways, if any, to go wrong with almonds or almond extract. There’s just something so comforting about the sweetness and aroma of this tiny little fruit. Combine that with a buttery, crunchy, yet moist cookie, and voilà! Lenox Almond Biscotti: a wonderful, but dangerous, treat.
I’ve tried these a few different ways: plain, dunked in hot chocolate or tea, dipped in semi-sweet chocolate, and accompanying ice cream and fresh fruit. Delicious, and not only easy to make, but versatile too, which makes it my kind of food. This is one of those recipes that you’ll want to memorize and make over and over again. As an added bonus, they look fancy, so you’re guaranteed to impress guests.


Sunday Morning

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